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  2. Jorge Gonçalves works within the performing arts field as a curator, choreographer, dramaturge, producer, performer and teacher.

    He co-founded and directed MEZZANINE since its foundation from 2009 to 2017. He was the co-responsible and artistic manager of OOPSA Association in 2009, co-founded and directed Obra Madrasta (2011-2008) and he has collaborated with various institutions as Uferstudios Berlin.

    He has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (FEUP, 2002), a Contemporary Dance Course at Balleteatro Escola Profissional (2005), a Master of Artistic Performance - Dance (FMH 2006) and the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (AHK, 2012-2014).

    Since 2006, he has been producing his artwork: Duet (2006), Fiction (2009), Gilet (2009), Antoine (2010), Third Act (2010), Open Season (2011), Conquest of Deborah Hay (2011), A suspended gesture from me to you (2014), Holding the hands at the tip of my words (2017), the world of immaterial and common hands (2017-2018). His productions are part of partnerships with structures within Portugal, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands.

    He has worked as a dramaturge with Goro Tronsmo, Muscle Temple, (2012-2015), Daniel Kok (Cheerleader of Europe, 2014 and The Gay Romeo, 2011) and Keith Lim (re: self, 2011). He was the choreographic collaborator for Mathilde Monnier in Surrogated Cities, an opera by Heiner Goebbels, at the Ruhr Triennale 2014. Since 2003, he worked with various choreographers: Anna Pehrsson, Litó Walkey, Rebecka Stillman, Elisabete Finger, Dinis Machado, DD Dorvillier, Daniel Kok, Isabelle Schad, Né Barros among others.

    He has collaborated with various institutions at national level (Balleteatro, Asas de Palco, MARTE, Casa da Música) and international (HZT and Tanzfabrik Berlin) by giving workshops and mentoring performing arts students.