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    PIIGSDaniel Kok (2015) | Invited Artist 

    Surrogated CitiesHeiner Goebbels and Mathilde Monnier (2014) | Choreographic Collaborator



    Cheerleader of Europe, Daniel Kok (2014)

    The Residency by Muscle TempleGoro Tronsmo, Gallery 0047, Oslo (2013) 

    Site specific installations by Muscle TempleGoro Tronsmo, Inkonst, Malmö (2012)

    Fraud by NatureAna Rocha (2012)

    The Gay RomeoDaniel Kok (2011)

    re:selfKeith Lim (2011)



    Matter Moves, But You Can’t Escape Its Weight, Anna Pehrsson (2018)

    A round shadow with three points, Litó Walkey (2017)

    Merops, Rebecka Stillman (2017)

    Nhaka, Elisabete Finger (2017)

    In a manner of Speaking, Dinis Machado (2016)

    A Catalogue of Steps, DD Dorvillier (2015)

    Million, Né Barros (2014)

    Experience #1, Isabelle Schad (2012)

    Musik (praticable), Isabelle Schad (2011)

    Parole, Parole, Parole, Dinis Machado (2010)

    Supernada, Dinis Machado (2009)

    Reais Jogos Virtuais, Isabel Valverde e António Caramelo (2008)

    Solistas 1, Né Barros (2007)

    Vaga 1, Né Barros (2007)

    Movimentantes, Né Barros (2007)

    With Drooping Wings, Né Barros (2007)

    Dia Maior, Né Barros (2005)

    Solistas, Né Barros (2005)

    Vaga, Né Barros (2003)