This project that have been developed in the frame of the Amsterdam Master of Choreography where I was working with the artistic collaboration of Ana Rocha and with my external mentor, Peter Stamer. The project stages Ajax’s story of Sophocles through the operations of translation and reduction through a deictic apparatus. This narrative is a clear choice in relation to the proposed disposif as it is constructed in how Ajax’s suicide is a project of alienation of himself from the world. Every step Ajax takes to his final destiny, demands an actualization of the projection of the future of his absence. How does he loose his relations to his people and the world? how does he loose his language and his gestures? The dramaturgy is focused in Ajax’s most relevant four monologues from Sophocles’s text and with a rewriting of the narrative that precedes with a contextualization of each monologue in order to give a context for the deictic dispotif.

Concept and Performance Jorge Gonçalves

Artistic collaboration Ana Rocha and Peter Stamer

Production MEZZANINE

Support de Theaterschool (Amsterdam), Botschaft von Portugal, Instituto Camões Portugal, Teatro Nacional São João and Teatro Municipal do Porto

Thanks Andrea Božić, Daniel Kok, Goro Tronsmo, Keith Lim, Keren Levi, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Jeroen Fabius, Julien Bruneau, Myriam Van Imschoot, Philipp Gehmacher, Sabina Holzer, Sher Doruff, Sybille Müller, Velvet Lee and my AMCh’s colleagues.



22 April 2016
MIRA Espaço, Porto

8 & 9 December 2015
Tanzfabrik Berlin | Uferstudios, Berlin

13 & 14 June 2015
FITEI | Mala Voadora, Porto

28 & 30 May 2014, Premiere
Het Veem Theater, Amesterdam

@ Nellie de Boer

@ Nellie de Boer

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