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  1. FICTION (2009)

    by Ana Rocha and Jorge Gonçalves

    […] Provoke a duet, compose distance and proximity relations in two bodies biographical nature. A fictional encounter, an order of autism for the dance and its distension in the perception 
    of the Other. […]

    Conception and Performance Jorge Gonçalves

    Co-production Município/Casa da Artes de Arcos de Valdevez and Movimento Incriativo Associação

    Support Teatro do Frio – pesquisa teatral do norte e Primeiro Andar – Associação Cultural

    Performance Integrated in the International Dance Day 2009 celebrations; partnership with the project AGEN/Movimento Corpo Dança, of the Directorate-General for Arts of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.

    Première: 30 Abril 2009, Casa das Artes de Arcos de Valdevez

  2. GILET  (2009)

    by Jorge Gonçalves

    […] Reinscribe other landscapes in Gil Eannes Ship is a sliding act without depth. Dimensioning the fencing image to the in-between lines that reveals its historical density. We reconstruct the confrontation and strangeness in what is the body in perspective to the ship, how he stirs, excites, involves, throws, reduces ... […]

    Conception Jorge Gonçalves

    Performance Ana Rocha, Eduardo Barroso, Jorge Gonçalves and Marta Ramos 

    Support Academia de Dança de Matosinhos and Escola Desportiva de Viana

    Première: 23 June 2009, Evento Infiltrasom, Navio-Hospital Gil Eannes, Viana do Castelo

  3. DUET (2006)

    by Ana Mira and Jorge Gonçalves

    Duration is to be found in things that are changing, soft and delicate, a line in time that goes by. Duration is impossible when one remains in one place, or when repetition makes the movements predictable. The thrill of duration is felt only when travelling, listening, observing or playing. My space is constantly shaken and stimulated by this duration. It shows me the way, breathing my breath.

    duration 20 min

    Première: 4 June 2006, alkantara festival, encontros imediatos, casa fernando pessoa, lisboa