Performer in "In a manner of Speaking" by Dinis Machado



Performer in A Catalogue of Steps by DD Dorvillier

Invited Artist for PIIGS by Daniel Kok.



Choreographic Collaborator_ Surrogated Cities by Heiner Goebbels and Mathilde Monnier.

Dramaturge_ Cheerleader of Europe by Daniel Kok.

Choreographer_uma mão que arranca uma frase de dentro, Balleteatro Escola Profissional



Dramaturge_ Goro Tronsmo, The Residency by Muscle Temple at Gallery 0047, Oslo



Dramaturge_ Goro Tronsmo, Site specific installations by Muscle Temple throughout the buildings at Inkonst, Malmö 

Co-choreography and Performer_ Experience #1 by Isabelle Schad

Dramaturge_ Fraud by Nature by Ana Rocha



Dramaturge_ The Gay Romeo by Daniel Kok

Dramaturge_ re:self by Keith Lim

Co-choreography and Performer_ Musik (praticable) by Isabelle Schad


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